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Wait for the applet and sounds to finish loading, which may take a minute or two. The game screen will show "Game Over - 'S' to Start" once everything is ready. In the meantime you can review the instructions below. 
Note: If the game doesn't seem to be responding to key presses, click your mouse pointer in the game area.

Playing the game:

Arrow up or space - Fire
Arrow down or M - Fire a missile
P - Pause on/off
S - Start the game
Left arrow - Move spaceship to the left
Right arrow - Move spaceship to the right
Escape - End the game currently playing
If the attacking spaceships comes all the way down to your spaceship you lose two lifes
Bonus lifes every 10000 points
When the ufo passes - try to hit it, when you do you gain 1000 points and a new missile
500 points for completing each level
The attacking spaceships may have one more bullet on the screen for each level, the game also moves faster
You may have 6 bullets on the screen at any time (and only one missile)


You can get a copy of the Space Invaders Java applet for your own web site from the author


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