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In addtion to custom programming and network consulting, I offer a variety of web-design services, from page layout and artwork to assistance in finding the best hosting solution for your needs. Here are a couple of the web sites that I've done over the years:
Traversix - Not only did I create the product web site, I helped create the product itself and its back-end gateway server.
The Formerly Pinpoint Page - A tribute to the now-defunct Pinpoint Communications, a company where I and several of my friends worked for a few years.
JJS Leasing - Antenna site leasing company. They're no longer in business either, but their site sure was fun to build.
JimPrice.Com - Last but not least, JimPrice.Com has been a habit-forming hobby for me over the years.
NullModem.Com - A reference of connectors, old and new, with an emphasis on serial, parallel, and RJ (network and telephony) cables and connectors.

Also, from 1996 to 2005 (almost a decade), JimPrice.Com offered hosting services for a number of different domains. As of February 2005, these domains are hosted offsite:

NellDSmith.Com - Quilting expert
Noxapater.Com - A town in Mississippi

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