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cup Here's a great way to start your morning!

After you're done with weather, news, and traffic, brighten your day with a few random, whimsical bits of fun. Hit a few of the 'sites of the day' sites each day......

Well, actually, some of these are more like sites of the week, not sites of the day. Anyway, check 'em often, and check back here often, as I'll keep adding to the list.

Cool Site Indices

Cool Site of the Day - The Original
SlashDot - Always something new!
Cool Lego Site of the Week
Exploratorium Science Sites of the Month

Online Newspapers and Columns

News of the Weird - Chuck Shepherd's weekly column.
The Straight Dope

Other Sites with Changing Content

Term of the Day - Pretty nifty!
Irish Word of the Day - Come back often!
The Daily .WAV - A new sound file every day.
Radio KRUD Cartoon of the Week
The Free Site has lots of free goodies.
I Can Haz CheezBurger? - The home of lolcats - new posts constantly - New!
Engrish.Com - Every-changing bad uses of English - No offense to anyone, but some of these are funny!

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