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New Stuff at JimPrice.Com

Here's what's been going on at JimPrice.Com lately:

Whole Site - General site cleanup and re-indexing - 5/15/2010
Pictures! - Added nifty new picture thumbnail tool to the main page - shows thumbnails my most interesting pictures on Flickr - 3/15/2010
Whole Site - Cleaned up a lot of dead links, and started thinking about some new content - 5/16/2009
Whole Site - FINALLY started using some advanced features of new hosting server - 3/22/2007
Whole Site - Transition of all mail, web, etc. from JimPrice.Com to hosting facility now complete! - 2/28/2005
Whole Site - Started transition of site from home to a hosting facility. - 2/12/2005
Whole Site - Started cleanup of the whole site, updating links, adding new material on 4/30/2004 (about time, woudln't you say?)
IP Utils - Updated this set of utilities on 1/8/2002.
ProSound - Started working on my pages of info on a variety of topics about pro audio, inlcuding vintage broadcast gear on 7/17/2001.
Live Audio - Now online courtesy the good folks at Live365.Com. If the link doesn't work, search for "JimPriceDallas" at Live365.Com.
Klah - Released version 0.03a of this utility on 2/19/2001. This version addresses a number of bugs in previous versions, plus has a better user-interface for changing parameters.
JavaScript Color Picker - Added this cool tool on 1/18/2001.
Advertising free!!! - Severed relationship with Advertising.Com 1/7/2001. Currently looking for new site sponsor.
Site Search - Added courtesy of Atomz.com on 8/28/2000.
Noxapater.Com - New site for the town where my parents live. First version online 6/25/2000.
NS-Batch - Released a new beta version (1.14b2) on 5/2/2000. This version fixes a bug found in version 1.14b1.
NullModem.Com - The connector reference site now has a domain name all to itself as of 4/4/2000.
Privacy Statement - Made this site (and affiliated sites) compliant with the OPA by publishing our privacy statement on 3/4/2000.
Klah - Released version 0.01d of this utility on 1/29/2000. This version addresses a number of bugs in version 0.01b
NS-Batch - Released a new beta version (1.14b1) on 1/23/2000. This version addresses a number of minor bugs in 1.12 and 1.13b1, and also offers more flexibility in the output format.
Games Page - Started a games page on 10/22/1999.
NS-Batch - Corrected a small error in version 1.12 of NS-Batch on 10/14/1999. (The help file was ommitted from the original release of this version, but is now included.)
Other folks named 'Jim Price' - Started a list of other folks named 'Jim Price' on 10/11/1999. Please let me know of other web pages you'd like to see added to the list.
NS-Batch - Released a new beta test (version 1.13 Beta 1) of NS-Batch on 10/10/1999.
NS-Batch - Released a new version (1.12) of NS-Batch on 10/6/1999.
Connector Reference - Began ongoing project of creating connector reference guide on 8/22/1999.
Rustic Crafts - Deployed new site on 8/16/99.
NS-Batch - Released a new version (1.11) of NS-Batch on 4/7/99 and InstallShield release on 4/28/99.
NS-Batch - Released a new version (1.10) of NS-Batch on 3/28/99
NS-Batch - Released a version (1.09) of NS-Batch on 3/25/99
Keep Link Alive (Klah) Utility - Released beta version of Klah - a neat utility for keeping dedicated network connections alive on 3/8/99.
Pink House tour - On 2/27/99, I found the NEATEST house in Dallas, and felt complelled to try out my new digital camera.
Happy New Year (and all that jazz). - The big news around here is more bandwidth and a more stable ISDN link to the net. As of 2/1/99, I'm "officially" all digital. Yay!!!
Disk Eject Utility - Wrote a disk-eject utility, and added it to the software page on 11/8/98.
Traffic Page - Added a new section for live traffic cameras on 10/16/98
NS-Batch - Released a new beta test (version 1.06) of NS-Batch on 10/5/98
NS-Batch - Added a user-feedback form on the NS-Batch support page. on 9/20/98
NS-Batch - Fixed a few more bugs, and updated this useful utility to version 1.05 on 9/13/98
NS-Batch - Fixed a few bugs, and updated this useful utility to version 1.03 on 9/9/98
ASCII Chart Page - Added more charts - 8/28/98
Random Technology Phrase Generator - Updated vocabulary 8/21/98
NS-Batch - Updated this useful utility to version 1.01 on 8/9/98

New Links

Here are some new links I've tripped across. I usually post new links here for a couple of weeks, before hiding it away on some other page.

Mobile Homes - New!
International Lyrics Server - New! Now SongText.Net
Printovation - New!
Tabasco! - Hot Stuff!
Taglines Galore! - New!
Virtual Technology Company Engine - It's back online!!!! - or is it?
Doctor HTML - Check out your web site New!
Shareware.Com - Run by the folks from C|Net
Q107 - Toronto
Tickemaster Online
Pop-Tart Blow-Torches - Uh....OK, if you say so....
Levi's - A great marketing department. What more can you say?
Surrealist Compliment Generator - Get your insults here!
UPC On-line Database
TV Land
Rodney Dangerfield
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit - Yuck!

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