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Older Versions of NS-Batch

Here's the archive of the old versions of NS-Batch.

Version 1.05 - 689,126 bytes - Updated 9/13/98. This addresses a minor memory-allocation problem in version 1.04, which affected operation with WinSock 1.1 (but not Winsock 2.x).
As of now, there's not a 16-bit release of version 1.05, although there may be one in the future. Also, I'm not bothering with an InstallShield release at this time.

32-bit only Version 1.05 - Fresh from my server.

Version 1.04 - 688,439 bytes - Updated 9/10/98. This release should fix yet ANOTHER compatibility problem between NS-Batch and WinSock version 2.0. Will this ever end?
There will not be a 16-bit release of version 1.04, and there is no InstallShield release.

32-bit only Version 1.04 - From my server.

Version 1.03 - 688,387 bytes - Updated 9/8/98. This fixes the major bug in version 1.01, and makes NS-Batch mostly compatible with WinSock version 2.x. Also, I've added a couple of long-overdue user interface features, to:
a) make file selection easier, and
b) display some diagnostic information

There will be no 16-bit release of version 1.03. Also, there is no InstallShield release of version 1.03.

32-bit only Version 1.03 - From my server.
32-bit only Version 1.03 - Fast - From Tucows server.

Version 1.01 - 687,496 bytes - Updated 8/9/98. At long last, I've been able to find time to fix a few things...Caching works better now, and you can cut'n'paste from a couple of fields that were broken.
There will not be a 16-bit release of version 1.01, although there's hope for a 16-bit version of 1.07. No InstallShield release of version 1.01 is available either.

9/7/98 - BUG ALERT!! As of 9/7/98, a bug with version 1.01 (and some previous versions) has been identified. The "Probe Subnet" feature does not work on some platforms that use WinSock version 2.x. This is now fixed in versions 1.05 and greater (available above). If you're really interested, here's where you can find version 1.01:

32-bit only Version 1.01 - From my server.

Version 0.6e (beta) - Updated 9/28/97. Because I was in a hurry (and 0.6e was sort of an interim release), I didn't test it a whole lot, and I didn't build a 16-bit version.

32-bit only Version 0.6e - With the InstallShield installation - From my server.
32-bit only Version 0.6e - Faster download, but no InstallShield.

Version 0.6d - Updated 3/11/97 - Fixed a (minor) bug in 0.6c. Version 0.6c did not correctly save the "list only found" output option. This problem is corrected in this release.

32-bit only Version 0.6d - With the InstallShield installation.
32-bit only Version 0.6d - Quick download, but no InstallShield.
16-bit only Version 0.6d - For Windows 3.1
Both 16-bit and 32-bit Version 0.6d - In one handy file

Version 0.6c - Updated 3/10/97 - This release adds a counter to the output so that duplicate IP addresses are only looked up once. If an address is seen more than once in the input file, it is only listed once in the output (but with a count field indicating how many times it appears in the input). Also, a few other minor output options have been added, including a switch to list only those addresses which can be successfully looked up. Also, added command line options to support operation from a batch file or other automation utility. Feedback is welcome.
Version 0.5e - Updated 1/6/97 - This release adds an option to the output format (the option to have IP addresses output as "" or ""). This version hasn't been thoroughly tested, so use at your own risk. Feedback is welcome.
32-bit only Version 0.5e - My server
16-bit only Version 0.5e - My server

Version 0.5d - Updated 1/5/97 - This release appears to fix all of the reported (so far) bugs in 0.5c. Also, I've added a net-mask for the "probe" feature, to permit the user to control the number of computers being probed. The 32-bit version also gets a bar-graph to show progress (instead of just the numeric display added in version 0.5c).
32-bit only Version 0.5d
16-bit only Version 0.5d

Version 0.5c - Updated 1/1/97 - This release adds a couple of new features that make it a bit more friendly. It displays an elapsed time during batch runs, and also shows the percentage of completion.
32-bit only Version 0.5c
16-bit only Version 0.5c

Version 0.5b - Updated 12/08/96 - This release fixes a couple of problems that folks have reported in versions 0.5 and 0.5a. First and foremost, the Windows 3.1 version now correctly saves options. Secondly, the CANCEL button works much better on both the 16-bit and the 32-bit versions.
32-bit only Version 0.5b - Fixed CANCEL button.
16-bit only Version 0.5b - Fixed CANCEL button, and fixed option save.

Version 0.5a - Updated 12/04/96 - Fixes the major bug in version 0.4 (an annoying message from CodeGuard if an invalid filename is entered). Also, adds greater flexibility in the output format, permitting the user to mix'n'match fields, and choose from one of three field delimiters. Added an optional feature to perform forward lookups on each name that is found (see the help file for more information).
32-bit only Version 0.5a
16-bit only Version 0.5a

Version 0.4 - Updated 11/24/96 - Fixes several bugs that were in version 0.3, most notably a problem that would hang the program (but not the whole computer) if you tried to exit while a "probe" or a "batch run" was running. Also added a filter to support input files with a leading zero. (The old version would handle "", but would fail to look up "". Version 0.4 fixes this problem.)
32-bit only Version 0.4 - Tested on Win 95, not tested on NT (yet).
16-bit only Version 0.4 - 16-bit only, runs on Win 3.1, Win 95. Not tested on NT.
Both 16-bit and 32-bit Version 0.4 - Both in one archive

Version 0.3 - Updated 11/23/96 - Cleaned up several glitches in the user interface. Also added multi-threading to support true 32-bit operation. Runs much more smoothly than older 16-bit versions.
32-bit only Version 0.3 - Tested on Win 95, not tested on NT (yet).
16-bit only Version 0.3 - 16-bit only, runs on Win 3.1, Win 95. Not tested on NT.
Both 16-bit and 32-bit Version 0.3 - Both in one archive

Version 0.2, Updated 11/22/96 - 16-bit only, runs on Win 3.1, Win 95. New features include subnet probing, display of local address, and a little (not much) cleanup of the user interface, as well as improved output format..

Version 0.1, Updated 9/11/96 - 16-bit only, runs on Win 3.1, Win 95, and seems to run on NT.

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