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These days, just about everybody equates "search" with Google. However, in the earlier days of the Internet, this wasn't always the case. This page contains a list of some of the more out-of-the-way search engines and portals that have cropped up over the years.
Give 'em a try!

HotBot! AltaVista Yahoo!
Starting Point Lycos Galaxy.Com
The Go Network Nerd World Media IxQuick.Com
Excite WebDirectory MetaCrawler
Semio Look Smart WebCrawler
Ask Jeeves FreeWeb Central iWon.Com
WebFerret About.Com Google search
EuroSeek.Com NorthernLight.Com Google newsgroups
AboutUs.Org MSNBC.Com

The Go Network EINet Galaxy Hotbot AltaVista Lycos Semio Yahoo! Excite Nerd World Media Starting Point WebCrawler LookSmart Ask Jeeves FreeWeb Central About.Com Google! iWon.Com EuroSeek Northern Light MetaCrawler.Com
AboutUs.Org   ix-quick.com

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