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Wireless Resources

If you're in the wireless data communications industry, you might find some of these helpful (or at least interesting).
FCC - Gotta follow their rules... 'nuff said.
MFJ - Some of the best accessories for Ham radio - EVER.
Zigbee Alliance - Low power, short range wireless data at 900MHz and 2.4 GHz.
Ricochet! - Started by Metricom, running 128kbps and faster in Denver, San Diego, and other markets.
Enfora - Makers of the Spider and other wireless products.
WAP - The Wireless Access Protocol Forum (now part of the Open Mobile Alliance).
Sutro Tower - In San Francisco.
Mobile Communications Index
PCIA - Personal Communications Industry Association home page.
PCCA - Personal Computer Communications Association - Official page home page.
PCCA - My support page
Bluetooth - Best way to hook up nearby devices
AirPcap - I really like these widgets for sniffing 802.11
MetaGeek - Makers of WiSpy, another 802.11 sniffing tool.
US Spectrum Allocation Chart - In PDF format
Trimble - Manufacturer of GPS receivers.
JJS Leasing - A PCS site broker.
Jim Hawkins' Radio and Technology Page - Excellent reference on commercial broadcast gear
AT&T Wireless Services
Sierra Wireless
ARRL - The Amateur Radio Relay League (ham radio organization)
Ham radio FTP site

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