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The Link Farm

Welcome to the Link Farm! We're growing acres and acres of links, for your browsing pleasure. There's no guarantee that they've been thoroughly weeded, though. Every now and then, something new sprouts up. Just hop over the fence, and pick links to your heart's content.

This is a piece of barbed wire

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People Pages
Humor Pages
Food-related Pages
DFW Pages
News and Weather
Radio and TV
Music and Audio
Wireless Data Communications Assorted Netjunk
New (unfiled) Links

Humorous Links

Steven Wright Jokes
The Dilbert Zone
This Modern World.
The Church of the SubGenius
Kevin McCurley's version of humor
Other humor sites
Windows-hater's Page

Food-Related Links

DFWmenu.com New! - Dallas dining at its finest
The Twinkies Project - Weird.
Sciabiaca Olive Oil - From California New!
Veggies Unite! - Online guide to vegetarianism New!
Epicurious - For people who eat.
Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
The Internet Virtual Pizza Server
Play 'Find the SPAM'
The Church of SPAM
SPAM Gifts
Another SPAM page
The SPAM-Cam
The Pickle Page
Page o' Pez
Mentos - The Freshmaker
The Mentos Gallery
Yoo-hoo on the Web
The Beer Page

Dallas / Fort Worth Links

Trinity Hall - at Mockingbird Station
Dallas Entertainment Guide

News and Weather Links

The Straight Dope
News of the Weird
USA Today.
A Weather Map
National Weather Service in Fort Worth
INTELLiCast Weather Page
INTELLiCast Weather Page for Dallas
Yahoo Weather.
NOAA Netcast Weather Page.
USA Today Weather.
The Weather Channel.
CNN Weather.
Weather Underground.
National Weather Service Warnings - for the whole U.S.
World Weather Guide - Get the global picture!
Weather News, Inc..
Houston Traffic.

Radio and TV Links

Those stations marked with a Real logo have RealAudio feeds.

TV Land
NBC Network
CBS Network
Fox Network
KGO-TV - One of the tennants of Sutro Tower in San Francisco Real
KDFW, Channel 4 - Dallas
KXAS-TV, Channel 5 - Dallas
WFAA Channel 8 - Dallas
KTVT Channel 11 - Dallas
David Letterman
The X-Files
The Sci-Fi Channel
The Discovery Channel
Comedy Central
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty - Real New!
KLIF 570 AM - Dallas Real
WLS 890 AM - Chicago
WHBQ 560 AM - Memphis
KDGE - The Edge - Gainesville/Dallas/Fort Worth Real
KEGL - The Eagle - Dallas/Fort Worth - Real
KZPS - Dallas/Fort Worth Real
KPLX - Dallas/Fort Worth
101.1 KLOL - Houston
The Buzz - KTBZ - Houston Real
The Merge - KKZN - Dallas Real
101X - KROX - Austin Real New!
Rock 106 - WWCT - Peoria, IL Real New!
93.5 The Web - WEBX FM - Champaign-Urbana, IL Real
99.1 WHFS - Baltimore / Annapolis / D.C. -- This station rocks!
103.1 WRNR - Annapolis Real
DC 101 - Washington D.C.
KROQ - Los Angeles
XETRA-FM - 91X - San Diego/Tijuana Real
WZTA - 94.9 Zeta - The Rock Station - Miami Real
Q107 - Toronto Real
KZZR - 94 Rock - Albuquerque Real
KITS-FM - Live 105 - San Francisco/Oakland
KRUD - Humor about broadcasting.
Norman Barrington Jingle Archive - 30 years of Jingles!
The Jingle Web - More Jingles!
Jingle Heaven - More Jingles!
X-Rec Jingle Heaven - More Jingles!
Cool Radio Stations - Links to many stations' pages.
On The Air - Links to stations with RealAudio feeds. Real
Movie Listings - Otherwise known as 777-FILM (444-FILM in Dallas).
Movie Database - New!
Cinemark Theaters - New!
Plano 10 Movies - New!

Music and Audio-Related Links

International Lyrics Server - New!
Songs, Liedertexte - Lyrics database
Grendel's Lyrics Archive
The Rap Lyrics Page
Lyric Database
More Lyrics.
Another Lyric Database
Tickemaster Online New!
MTV - 'nuff said.
Warner Brothers
Billboard Online
Experimental Barbeque - A great band!
Subpop Records
IRS Records
Independent Underground Music Archives
CBGB - New York's Hottest Club
The Duke Ellington Society - New!
Real-Audio Web Site
Xing Technology - Creators of StreamWorks
Audio Formats
Sonic Foundry - The makers of SoundForge
On-Line Music Database
TV Theme Songs
Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals
QuickTime - from Apple
The DSP Group - Home of Internet TrueSpeech PlayersNew!

Art on the Web

Joseph Wu's Origami Page.
5-D Stereograms Home PageNew!
M.C. Escher Page
Another Escher Page
Escher FTP Site
The Art Machine

Wireless Data Communications

Sutro Tower - In San Francisco
Mobile Communications Index
Ham Radio FTP Site
CHAT Natural Language System - Includes spectrum managment database.

People Pages

Charlie Irwin
Craig Singer
Mark Smith
Glen Raggio
Jim Price - But you knew that already, didn't you?
Annie in Ann Arbor - Creator of 'Out of Order'

Assorted NetJunk

DFW Area Internet Service Providers
The Surfing Monkey - Great site!
Netscape Release Site
Adobe Coporation - Creators of Adobe Acrobat
PSI Net - Otherwise known as Interramp.com
NetManage Corporation - Makers of Chameleon
CyberVille Radio
The Amazing Fish-Cam
The Amazing Parrot-Cam
The Amazing Iguana-Cam
Cujo The Parrot
Black Hole - Try this if you're using Netscape!!!
Virtual Toys on the Web New!
Jim's Search Engine Page
Cool Site of the Day
Geek Site of the Day
Point Communications - Home of the Top 5% list.
Useless WWW Pages
WIT - Another good place to surf the web
More eclectic URLs
Internet Society Home Page
Greg's Stars of the Web
Make a Friend on the Web
Eccentric Newspapers On-Line

Links I Haven't Filed Yet

Mobile Homes of Mississippi New!
Leggo My Logo - A fun game.
Jingle Cats
Joe Boxer Shorts
Delta Airlines
Connectix - Formerly makers of the QuickCam
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Info Page
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
Polly Esther Fabrique's Page O' Wonders
Computer Games and Recreation
Virtual World
Fluxus Indians

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